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From Lubbock to London, just tell us where you want to go - we can take you to rural points or international business centers. With access to 10 times more airports than commercial airlines, American Jet International gets you closer, faster, without frustrating connections. Your schedule is built to fit your needs, not an airline's. That means more time at home, reduced overnight costs, and greater peace of mind...for you and your valuable staff. Private jets are no longer a luxury reserved for major corporations - Jet travel is a serious business tool for companies with distant responsibilities, multiple clients and the ambition to thrive in today’s economy.

Fly with American Jet International to enhance your effectiveness. Gain greater control over your schedule. Spend time on the important things. It makes financial sense for you and your company, and is more affordable than you think.

For a Charter Quote please mail to: or call us at (888) I-FLY-AJI (435-9254)

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