When the economy is booming, the demand for charter exceeds the availability of aircraft. When the economy struggles, aircraft owners often scale back their flight departments and sometimes close them. The savvy aircraft owner can choose a charter management company to offset some or all the costs involved with aircraft ownership. By allowing your aircraft to be managed and chartered out by American Jet International your aircraft need not sit idle, but can earn revenue for you when it is not needed by your business.

As the premiere charter operator in Texas and the five-state surrounding area, we have both the client base and the resources to keep your investment working hard for you. Rather than having your aircraft sit in a hangar when it is not being used, it could be out literally paying for itself with charter revenue.

Regardless of your experience in aviation, we offer the resources and knowledge to comply with regulatory institutions such as the FAA, TSA, CBP, and NTSB, which can be quite costly outside the affiliation of a charter company. A few of the many benefits aircraft owners enjoy by being associated with a large charter operator are:

  • Generating revenue with your idle asset;
  • Realizing the significant tax benefits associated with commercial operations;
  • Utilizing professional pilots to crew your aircraft
  • Utilizing safe, professional pilots to crew your aircraft;
  • Capitalizing on the experience of a professional maintenance staff;
  • Reducing fuel prices via fleet purchasing power;
  • Lowering insurance costs while increasing coverage limits;
  • Benefiting from our experience in dealing with foreign countries, obtaining permits, visas, etc;
  • Enjoying discounts available only to fleets (maintenance, parts, hangars, etc.)

Please contact our Director of Operations (info listed below) for more information or a custom proposal to suit both your aircraft and your specific needs. American Jet International has a seamless transition program in place to get your aircraft on our certificate in record time. Regardless of your goals: revenue generation, tax savings, professional management, or a combination of the above, we offer the flexibility to tailor a management agreement to suit the needs of every individual owner.

Director of Sales
American Jet International
E-Mail: aircraft@iflyaji.com
Phone: 713-641-9700